Teorie / The Fragile Stage: Public Service in Theatre as a Track to „The Good Life“

This article explores the concept of public service and public interest. Drawing on the philosophies of Martha Nussbaum, Virginia Held, and Nancy Fraser, the presented text contests traditional political-economic and cultivation theories that emphasize efficiency, performance, and perfection. Instead, it posits an approach that integrates human vulnerability as a valuable aspect of the “good life,” thereby fostering a richer understanding of public interest. It criticises the exclusive and perfection-focused narratives, proposing inclusive “counterpublics” that recognize and value diverse community interests. The 2018 performance of Frljić’s “Our Violence, Your Violence” in Brno, CZ provides a tangible illustration of these concepts, showcasing how theatre can function as a democratic platform for dialogue or fail in this mission due to paternalism. The article concludes with a call to reimagine public service in theatre to encourage democratic decision-making, appreciate human vulnerabilities, and foster dialogue and inclusion.

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Motal, J. 2023. The Fragile Stage: Public Service in Theatre as a Track to “The Good Life”. In Slovenské divadlo, vol. 71, no.3, pp. 293-307. 0037-699X. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/sd-2023-0021

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