Teorie / Through Communication to the Community: The Political Implications of Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Art

This article explores Buber’s philosophy of art, correlating it with his early emphasis on individual realization, as well as his dialogical philosophy as articulated in I and Thou and in his theopolitical perspectives. The study posits that Buber perceives artistic creation as a conduit for communication with noumenal reality, mirroring the structure of interpersonal dialogue. Consequently, artistic creation is proposed as a blueprint for fostering an organic community or building the divine kingdom on Earth. The article integrates Adir Cohen’s examination of Buber’s aesthetics and Samuel Brody’s theopolitical analysis, aiming to interweave these perspectives in a comprehensive interpretation of Buber’s philosophy of art.

Článek v časopise Filozofia (78/1, 2023) je k dispozici on-line zde: https://www.sav.sk/journals/uploads/09141357filozofia.2023.78.7.4.pdf

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